Thermal Dots

Goes places thermometers can't. For places that are difficult to reach, use Thermal Dots. Each sticker is about ½" x ½" square, with an easy-to-read indicator circle that turns from white to black at 120°F / 49°C.

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[ Features ]

Eliminates guesswork
Thermal Dots only turn black when they've reached 120°F / 49°C. If you're worried about enough heat reaching certain spots, place a Thermal Dot and know for sure. The indicator circle stays black after activation, so you can check your items even after they'e cooled down.

Fits tight spaces
Thermal Dots can be slipped between pages in a stack of books, or into the toe of a shoe.

Great for temperature verification
Not sure if the dryer setting is hot enough? Don't tumble dry your thermometer. Thermal Dots can be stuck to the drum, or placed in the sleeve or pocket of a heavy coat before tossing it in.

[Tech Specs]

Individual Thermal Dots size Approx. ½" x ½"
Thermal Dots per pack: 21
Activation Temperature: 120°F / 49°C


[ Heat Treatment Time vs. Temperature]

While adult bed bugs may die at lower temperatures, the eggs are much more resilient and require a longer exposure to heat. Heat treatments may be effective at temperatures below 120°F. The table below is the recommended guidelines from the National Pest Management Association.


Thermal Dots Table


Thermal Dots Installation