ThermalStrike Digital Thermometer

Easy-to-read LCD display shows current temperature as well as minimum and maximum reached in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Wired probe extends up to 40". Back clip with magnet and slot for hanging or mounting. Two 1.5V LR44 batteries included.

  • $14.99

[ Features ]

The same digital thermometer that comes standard with The Ranger and Expedition, though works with most other heater units. Can be used as a replacement or additional thermometer.

By recording the maximum temperature, the ThermalStrike digital thermometer lets you check if heat reached effective levels even after the heater unit automatically shuts off or cools down.

[Tech Specs]

Accurate Measurement Range: -58° to 158°F ( -50° to 70°C)
Probe wire reach: Up to 40"/ 101 cm
Display: LCD
Power: 2x 1.5v LR44 Batteries (included)
Diameter: 2.75" / 70mm
Thickness (including clip): 1.1"/ 27.5 mm
Weight: 1.6 oz/ 45 g


Includes Fahrenheit/Celsius modes and reset button.

LR44 Battery common equivalents:
Duracell: LR44
Energizer: A76
Kodak: KA76
Panasonic: LR44
Philips: A76
Rayovac: RW82
Seiko: LR44
Sony: LR44
Varta: V13GA